OHMG launches in Waitrose stores across the UK

OHMG launches in Waitrose stores across the UK

Magnesium-enriched functional water, OHMG has signed an agreement with supermarket giant, Waitrose to launch it’s new 4-pack format in Waitrose stores across the country, marking the magnesium water brand’s entry into one of the top ten supermarket chains in the UK.

As part of Waitrose’s functional drinks trial, OHMG will be stocked online and in stores across London and the South East & West, as well as stores in the North including York and Willerby.  Consumers will be able to pick up OHMG’s newly launched variety 4-pack as well as it’s single Raspberry & Lemon Balm, and Blackcurrant & Vitamin C SKUs.

Known as the Relaxation mineral, magnesium is responsible for more than 300+ functions in our body including reducing stress, balancing nerves and supporting mental well-being. OHMG Magnesium is a canned sparkling water that contains more than 15% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium and provides a fun and alternative way to top up magnesium levels.

Matt Blake, Partner & Buyer, Soft Drinks at Waitrose said:

"We're really excited to have OHMG onboard as part of our functional soft drinks trial - with their Magnesium Water fitting perfectly into this category, and we’re excited to see how  the range takes off, along with others that have signed up, over the coming months.”

The zero-sugar, sweetener-free, zero-calorie beverage is made with sparkling spring water, naturally infused with 3 types of bioavailable magnesium and functional botanical, that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to normal psychological function.

Stuart Walsh, Co-Founder of OHMG said, “Consumers are becoming much more health focused in their choices and are looking for products that give them something extra.  We’re seeing strong demand for products that support immunity, stress, relaxation and sleep, all of which OHMG supports, so we’re really excited to be launching our 4-Pack format with Waitrose.”

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"They are so nice and I ca feel a real benefit From them"

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"It's super refreshing and the flavours are spot on."


"Fabulous tasting drinks with amazing benefits"

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