OHMG celebrates B-Corp certification

OHMG celebrates B-Corp certification

OHMG, the functional beverage brand, has announced its certification as a B Corporation, placing the company among a global community committed to using business as a force for good. Certified by B Lab, OHMG has been acknowledged for its outstanding social and environmental performance, blending mission with profit to make a positive impact.

OHMG Co-founder Stuart Walsh expressed the company’s dedication to its core values, stating, “OHMG isn’t just about profits; it’s about purpose, quality, and integrity. Our mission focuses on promoting mental well-being, an area where magnesium plays a crucial role. Despite the proven benefits of magnesium for psychological functions, no beverage in this space truly addresses this need. OHMG is changing that.”

Magnesium, known as the “relaxation mineral,” is essential for over 300 bodily functions, including stress reduction, nerve balance, and mental well-being. OHMG Magnesium, a canned sparkling water, delivers nearly 20% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to boost magnesium intake.

The beverage, which is zero-sugar, sweetener-free, and zero-calorie, is crafted from sparkling spring water and infused with three types of bioavailable magnesium and functional botanicals. This innovative formula helps reduce tiredness and fatigue while supporting normal psychological function.

Walsh added, “Our goal with OHMG was to develop a drink that genuinely benefits health. We use high-quality fruit extracts and botanicals, steering clear of questionable ingredients, and incorporate the most bioavailable forms of magnesium. Our philosophy, encapsulated in ‘OHMG Goodness,’ is now validated by our B Corp certification, underscoring our commitment to our stakeholders and our mission.”

OHMG is set to deepen its engagement with mental health initiatives and community events, reinforcing its commitment to driving social impact. As a newly certified B Corporation, OHMG is more dedicated than ever to fostering well-being through responsible and innovative business practices.

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