Our Story

As kids growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, a lot of us were lucky enough to be fed a decent wholefood diet throughout our childhoods (until we started Uni at least!) and living in somewhat of a sweet spot when it came to getting all our nutritional requirements!  There was always Mum (or Dad) at home, making nutritious, home cooked meals and the food that was on our plate came from ethical farmers who produced good nutritionally dense produce.  We’d spent hours playing around outside and get called in for tea when it was dark. Life seemed simpler then, slower, more present.
When it came to young adulthood in the 00’s, life seemed to change gear.  There seemed to be a huge increase in convenience food life got busier and life got more stressful. Farmers sacrificed nutritional quality for profits and mass-farming took over.  Even if you did get your 5-a-day, scratch beneath the surface and all was not what it seemed.  Food turned from food to chemicals or artificial reincarnations of food.
And now in the 20’s, life seems more stressful than ever. Pandemics, social media, geo-politics has left a lot of us in a state of chaos. More mental health, less physically active and emotionally detached and more detached from our environment than we ever have been and that includes the foods we eat and drink.
My father-in-law has been a nutritionist most of his life.  Originally a Geologist, he published a fascinating study in the 2000’s on the nutritional integrity of food available to us as a nation between 1950 and 2002. The results were alarming!  Nearly all macro and micronutrients in ALL of our food groups, fruit, vegetables, dairy, livestock and poultry had depleted, sometimes by as much as 70%.
One of these nutrients was Magnesium (MG), the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies, and yet one of the most depleted.  We can only get Magnesium from our diet but unfortunately, we’re not getting enough because of our hectic lifestyles and the source of the foods we eat. It’s constantly being depleted.
Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral.  It helps ease stress and anxiety.  It helps you relax; it helps relax muscles and helps with deeper sleep. In fact, it’s responsible for more than 300+ functions in our body.
Around 10 years ago, we started selling a Magnesium supplement and the feedback we got was amazing.  There was clearly a need for this essential mineral.  This made us think that people were so stressed and anxious, why people were having trouble sleeping.
The problem was though, it wasn’t sexy, it was academic and pretty boring really.  So, we thought, how can we introduce this essential nutrient into people’s diet in an accessible and enjoyable way!  So, we thought we’d infuse the Magnesium with pure water, in an amazing range of pure Still and Sparkling Waters with the highest quality flavours, extracts and botanicals.  We’d put in in an environmentally friendly packaging and develop a kickarse brand with our mate Craig. This way, people will hopefully think….This is cool, we can stay hydrated, with a healthy alternative to soda or juice, with a great tasting drink, whilst getting a good dose of Magnesium that keeps us calm and helps us get a decent night sleep, whilst helping our metabolism…..it’s a win, win, win! BOOM, OH, Magnesium….and OHMG was born!
This is our first time in the drinks industry.  It’s stressful (but enjoyable!), but we’re taking our OHMG and sleeping just fine, so we know it works!
We hope you’ll join us and if you’ve got any questions, we’d love to hear from you….send us a WhatsApp!
Stuart, Georgina and Craig