Men’s Fitness & Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards

Men’s Fitness & Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards

OHMG Wins Best Energy Drinks category at 2022 Men’s Fitness & Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards

Functional, magnesium water brand also picks up a recommendation in awards’ ‘Healthy Drinks’ category

OHMG’s best-selling Raspberry & Lemon Balm sparkling magnesium water has picked up the top award for Best Energy Drink at this year’s Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards. The functional drinks brand also made the top 3 in the Best Healthy Drinks category, with its Blackcurrant and Echinacea + Vitamin C sparkling magnesium water.

Tried, tested and judged by some of the UK’s leading sports nutritionists and dieticians, the accolades placed OHMG in the top position as one of the UK’s healthiest functional drinks, with an ability to ‘quench your thirst while delivering a body-boosting dose of nutrition’, as cited by the judges.

These accolades are further testament to the brand’s strong commitment to creating functional, natural magnesium water that tastes good, feels good and helps deliver a healthy daily dose of magnesium. Made from natural fruit extract, OHMG magnesium water contains zero sugar or artificial sweeteners, and most importantly, 60mg of magnesium, which is the same amount found in one avocado.

“At OHMG, wellness and vitality has always been high up on our agenda, which is why we are absolutely thrilled to win the Energy drinks category and be awarded ‘Recommended’, in such prestigious awards. This endorsement means so much to us and our OHMG tribe, all of whom consider health, nutrition and fitness as a high priority in their daily lives. We are looking forward to growing our product portfolio and developing more functional products that have the essence and benefits of magnesium at their core.” 

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"They are so nice and I ca feel a real benefit From them"

Melissa Noton

"It's super refreshing and the flavours are spot on."


"Fabulous tasting drinks with amazing benefits"

Elizabeth Kemp